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Operational Areas

The working area of the Prayas Kendra Harsoli is spread in Jaipur District covering the region of Dudu Panchayat Samiti. Villages selected in Dudu are situated in the north and southern region on the Jaipur - Ajmer NH 8. The total land area of Dudu Panchayat Samiti is 18552391 Ha. Total population is 210655 our of which Males are 11037 and 100618. The population of 0 - 6 age groups is 44047 out of which boys are 22699 and girls 21378 which consist of 20.90% of the total population. The population percentage of Schedule Cast is 19.67% and Schedule Tribes is 3.19% of the total population. The literary rate in the region is 25.83% out of which female literacy is around 4.73% only. The working population is around 32.71% and rest 46.39% of the population remains in the search of working opportunities (based on 1991 census).

The employment opportunities in the region are negligible. There is huge scarcity of food stuffs and availability of drinking water in the region. Ground water depletion rate is very high. Earlier water was easily available at 40-50 feet deep but presently it is difficult to have easily availability of water even till 75-90 feet deep.

The land is fast becoming wasteland with low agricultural productivity and increasing salinity in the region. The region is single cropping area, in Kharif season mainly crops such as Bajra, Jwar, Mung, Maize and Moth are grown. The economic condition in the region is very bad. Migration rate is very high where they face more exploitation. Their children's future is very dark.

The condition of the women is also deteriorating. There is huge increase in women getting into sexual business and their children's been devoid of education also get into the business.


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