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Organizational Objectives

Prayas Kendra Harsoliís primary aims and objectives are to protect and improve the environment by planting trees, raising awareness among the rural people, particularly the women and youth on water, land, soil, sanitation etc. Since its area of operation is the arid zone of the state of Rajasthan, the focus of its work is on conserving natural resources in collaboration with local village communities and training the local volunteers on tree plantation and water conservation.

To establish Egalitarian Society.
To work for reducing the social customs and tatoos such Child Marriage, Mrityu Bhoj, Dowry, Social Discriminations, Superstitious Belief etc.
To enhance the Social Development in the Village.
To implement various Rural Development Programmes in the Village looking at the Local Development, Work on Health and Sanitation and Betterment of Environment.
To work for the Development of Widows, Disable Persons, Old Age Persons etc. Especially focusing on Women and Child Care Development.
During Natural Disasters and Emergency Situation Work for Conducting Relief Work.
To Provide better sanitation facility in the rural areas.
To ensure the quality of food stuffs and drinking products in the local market. Reduce the usage of narcotics products and selling centers through people's participation.
To create awareness regarding government programmes.
To work for creating employment opportunities for the unemployed youths in the villages.
To work for the promotion and awareness for spreading education.
To organize health camps, youth camps, cultural programmes, opening of library and conducting training programmes.
To work for peace building during social and cultural feasts and fairs.
To do plantation work in the region and creating awareness regarding the same.
To promote small scale employment opportunities and promote agri-based industries, promote vegetable growing, horticulture, seasonal plants etc.
To work for Animal Husbandry and livestock development, protect the village commons pastures from encroachment.
To protect the community centers and monuments in the villages.
To ensure the smooth availability of basic amenities such as electricity, water, transport and postal services.



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